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Whatcha Cravin’?

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Mmmmm, us too. Let’s feed that hunger.

Call it unusual; call it eclectic, heck… you can call it downright weird if you like. We call it Odd Fodder. Regardless, whatever you think of our restaurant’s diverse menu, we’re bettin’ you’ll find it delicious.

Breaking News!

It’s been reported that a restaurant has landed in our community and is changing individuals one by one. They say those who enter do not leave the same. Throughout mankind, humans have struggled with the age-old question: “what do you want to eat?” It’s a question that has haunted us all. A question that we face more than admitted. But now people are making that very decision. People know what they want. A place that is fresh. A place that is fun, fast, eccentric. A place that is odd. Odd fodder. People want odd fodder. We do warn that this feeling is contagious. Take heed.

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It’s the Food, Silly

Look, we like to have as much fun as the next guy, but the next guy probably isn’t a bona fide foodie like our chefs. For our back-of-house crew members, things get radically serious when it comes to our restaurant’s menu. Boasting a slew of mouthwatering options from four of Toledo’s most popular restaurants, Odd Fodder is that weird little fast-casual place that must be experienced first-hand to truly appreciate. From chicken to ramen and every tasty tidbit in between, the fodder is always odder here (hush, just go with it — you’ll be glad you did).

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Seriously Twisted

We know. We get it. You hear the words “fast-casual restaurant” and you automatically think of long lines, limited choices, and fair fare. But please, allow us to politely and deliciously blow yo’ mind. With four tantalizing cuisine options, Odd Fodder puts a twist on casual dining while allowing you to indulge in whatever craving you have at any particular moment. And then the next craving at the next moment. Yes, you can take your taste buds for a wild ride, with gourmet mac ‘n cheese and then shrimp kebabs too. It’s your mouth — treat it the way you want! At Odd Fodder, we see your expectations and we raise them.