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Poppy's Top 10 Favorite Menu Items At Odd Fodder

Hey guys, Poppy, Odd Fodder’s resident foodie here! I had so much fun breaking down the Odd Fodder menu in my last blog that I wanted to revisit the menu to talk about my personal favorites. And I’m not just talking about chicken and waffles! There are a lot of great, diverse menu items here at Odd Fodder, and I wanted to share a bit more about what makes all the restaurants here at Odd Fodder, so special!

Some people may say we’re odd for putting four restaurants under one roof, but we believe in giving you all the options you could want come mealtime. This commitment to the power of choice is what makes us one of the most unique restaurants in Toledo. Check out my top 10 favorite menu items at Odd Fodder, and come in today to try them for yourself! If the cold of the Toledo winter is too much, you can always order Odd Fodder online. Read on for the best that our menus have to offer!

#10: Stuffed Pepperoncini Bab

Kicking off my top 10 is my favorite kebab at Babs, the Stuffed Pepperoncini Bab! This bab packs the ultimate sweet and spicy punch. It comes covered in pepperoncinis, a sweet, mild chili pepper that’s also called a Tuscan Pepper by some. These pepperoncinis have been marinated in tasty oil to bring out their flavor, and stuffed with delicious feta and cream cheese to make this bab as filling as it is delectable. The result is a kebab that’s sweet, zesty, and just the perfect amount of spicy, with a taste that is quintessentially Italian. I can never stop at just having one!

#9: Mac & Cheese

I think most everyone loves Mac & Cheese. It can be hard to make a classic comfort food that stands out from the rest of the pack, but by god does Pickett’s BBQ do it with their Mac & Cheese! Homestyle mac & cheese is classic, but its flavor is limited when you only use one kind of cheese. Pickett’s Mac & Cheese treats your tastebuds to three kinds of cheese! You’ll delight at how the flavors of cheddar, parmesan, and smoked gouda cheese mix in this Mac & Cheese to turn it from a timeless comforting classic into a truly sumptuous culinary delight.

#8: Mushroom Bowl

Mmm, do I love noodles. Arabelle is such a good cook, this might not be the only noodle bowl on this list. The Electric Noodle Company’s Mushroom Bowl is a delicious, nutritious noodle bowl that’s perfect for vegetarians and just as good for meat eaters! (Though there’s no meat in it). The Mushroom Bowl is a scrumptious blend of a number of unique flavors that complement the mushrooms natural, slightly earthy taste. The mushrooms and noodles in this bowl have their flavors heightened by a savory chili-lime broth whose spice is brought to a perfect crescendo by the addition of green and red onions and togarashi spice. There’s so many flavors in one spoon or forkful of the Mushroom Bowl, you’ll want to savor each bite slowly to take it all in. It’s kinda like sightseeing, but for your mouth. Does that make sense? Just take your time and soak all the savory flavors in.

#7: Avocado Salad

The Avocado Salad from Babs may be one of the lightest options on this list, but it’s definitely in the running for tastiest, too. This zesty, spicy salad is perfect for eaters that are seeking heart-healthy options at Odd Fodder, as its ingredients contain a variety of nutrients and not much, if any salt. This yummy salad is made of freshly sliced avocados, chopped cilantro and parsley, green onions, capers, lemon, and our signature herb dressing. The cool deliciousness of the avocado in this salad is the perfect backdrop for the spices, dressing, and citrus kick of the lemon to dance together in your mouth and captivate your tastebuds. Order this salad today and enjoy the dish that’s as good as it is good for you!

#6: Pork Bowl

I told you that there’d be another noodle bowl on this list! The Pork Bowl is my favorite menu item at the Electric Noodle Company, because it’s ingredients are just so fresh and juicy! Much like the other restaurants at Odd Fodder, the Electric Noodle Company uses only locally sourced cows and pigs from Toledo for its meat and dairy menu items. The result of such selectiveness is an unbeatable quality that you can taste. The sumptuous pork belly that gives this bowl its name is marinated in our trademark pork broth to heighten its natural flavors, and these flavors are brought to mouthwatering heights by the green onions, red onions, and togarashi spice that make up the rest of this noodle bowl. This is a meal that will fill your heart as well as your stomach, and help to keep you warm during cold Toledo winters. All of this comes on your choice of traditional or buckwheat noodles, two tasty options that both suck up the flavor of the pork and onions to complete this culinary delight.

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#5: Bourbon Maple Rib Bone

Are you ready for one of the most mouthwatering items on my list? Well, second-most. There’s only one food in the world that truly makes me drool buckets, and I think you know what it is. The Bourbon Maple Rib Bone at Pickett’s BBQ is truly something else. I almost wish we had it at Fowl & Fodder. Pip may be a bit of a klutz, but man, does he know his way around a grill!

To make the Bourbon Maple Rib Bone, Pickett’s takes pork back ribs from the finest pigs in Toledo, smokes them, and barbecues them in an absolutely delectable bourbon maple glaze, that’s sweet, tangy, and just… perfect. It’s the perfect addition to bring out the flavors in the pork and create ribs that are succulent, savory, and sweet. The meat is cooked precisely to the point that it almost falls off the bone. So. Dang. Good. I loved it so much, I almost felt like I was cheating on Chicken & Waffles for a moment.

It’s okay, we made up.

#4: Asian Peanut Salad

Our Asian Peanut Salad is my favorite salad at Odd Fodder. It probably helps that it’s based off one of the best classic salads, the Asian salad, but our zesty peanut twist really helps make it our own and put its flavor over the top. Much like in a classic Asian Salad, we start our Asian Peanut Salad off with a base of carrots, green onions, sesame seeds, cilantro and apples on cabbage for a flavor that’s got some oomph to it. We then take that flavor to the max by tossing in a hearty helping of peanuts and our flavor-filled peanut dressing! It’s the perfect flavor enhancer for a salad that’s already known for its zest and delectability. It’s one of the Fowl & Fodder dishes I’m most proud of.

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#3: Almond Chicken Wrap

Speaking of Fowl & Fodder foods, the only wrap offered at Odd Fodder — our Almond Chicken Wrap is our bronze medal meal. I worked hard on this wrap to make it a tasty combination of all food groups, and if I may be so bold, I think I succeeded. In this wrap, we’ve combined our tasty, nutty almond chicken, wonderfully spicy ancho pepper sauce, cool cabbage, and savory mango coleslaw to create a perfect balance of not only food groups, but hot, cool, tangy, and savory flavors, as well. All of this goodness is wrapped up in a hearty multigrain tortilla, so it can be enjoyed at your table or on the go. It’s one of the most unique items at Fowl & Fodder and I’m really proud of it! I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

#2: Smoked Salmon Spread

Our silver medal meal at Odd Fodder is Pickett’s best, fishiest menu item. Their Smoked Salmon Spread is absolutely incredible. You wouldn’t think that a landlocked area like Toledo could get such fresh fish, but Pickett’s does it! The Smoked Salmon Spread comes arranged in slices along with locally-sourced cream cheese, fresh dill, and green onions, so the different flavors of the salmon can be brought out by each pairing ingredient. In particular, I’ve found that the dill brings out the fishy taste of the salmon, whereas the cream cheese makes the salmon taste heartier, and the green onions make it taste fresher and zestier. The whole spread comes with a warm pita, a perfect tool to soak up the salmon’s oils that are left behind. Delicious!

#1: Chicken & Waffle

I mean, are you surprised? Our take on the greatest food in the world could never be anywhere on my list but the top. If you somehow haven’t had Chicken & Waffles before, let me try to describe the experience to you.

Have you ever felt like your tastebuds were being hugged, swaddled like a baby in a manger of sweet, savory flavor? Have you ever wondered what bliss would taste like if we could distill into a physical essence? That’s what Chicken & Waffles are. As someone who has made it her mission to find the best Chicken & Waffles in the country, I can tell you that ours are pretty darn good.

We take our hot, zesty chicken that has a delightfully slight almond crunch to it and pair it with golden, fluffy waffles and drizzle them in maple syrup. It’s like having breakfast and dinner at the same time! That’s the excuse I use at Odd Fodder to be able to have it two meals out of the day. Anyways, don’t delay. Order yourself some right now! You wouldn’t wait on happiness, would you?

I hope you enjoyed my breakdown of my 10 favorite foods at Odd Fodder! Even if your heart is closed to the joy that is Chicken & Waffles, you can at least head to Odd Fodder now knowing we’ll have something delicious to cater to any type of taste. Get your family together and come visit me at Odd Fodder in Toledo! I guarantee we’ll have something for everyone and that you’ll enjoy the fun, family-friendly atmosphere. See you soon!