Pip's Second Time Trying Odd Fodder Salad

Hey gang, Pip here again! Odd Fodder management asked me to shake up my usual barbecue routine and try one of the salads at Fowl & Fodder a few weeks ago. If you follow our blog regularly, you probably saw how my first time trying Odd Fodder salad went. I didn’t think management was going to make me write about my experience despite not actually getting a chance to eat the salad, but they said you guys see me as brave and that it would only add to my cool, tough-guy image… you can’t tell right now, but I’m blushing. You guys are sweet.

Anywho, my first try at having Fowl & Fodder salad got such a good response that management has asked me to take another crack at it. So today, I present the story of my second time trying Odd Fodder salad.

I woke up feeling just as great as the day before, but determined as ever. I made a fool of myself the last time I tried having Odd Fodder salad, and I wasn’t going to give Poppy something to tease me about for a whole week again. This time was going to be different. This time, I was going to be prepared for anything. I put on my luckiest pair of shoes and headed off to Odd Fodder first thing in the morning.

Well, that was where I made my first mistake. As soon as I got to Odd Fodder I realized, who has salad for breakfast?! I could just picture Poppy and Luca snickering,

“Look at Pip, having salad for breakfast like a big dork!”

I passed by Arabelle as I was lamenting my showing up so early and she smiled at me and wished me good luck, which felt good.

Then came the moment I dreaded. I strolled up to the Odd Fodder counter and said hi to Poppy.

“Good morning, Pip!” she said, “What salad are you trying today?”

“Hey Poppy,” I replied, “You probably think I’m pretty silly getting salad this early in the day, huh?”

“Oh no,” she said, “You’re probably just getting this out of the way now so you can have barbecue for lunch, right?”


“Yeah,” I replied, “Yeah, of course.”

Totally fooled her. Classic smooth Pip.

Just like last time, I was faced with the choice between Fowl & Fodder’s two signature salads.

Kale & Beet Salad

Roasted beets, feta, walnuts, and red onion on chopped kale, served with lemon vinaigrette dressing

Asian Peanut Salad

Carrots, apples, peanuts, peanuts, green onions, sesame seeds, and cilantro on cabbage, served with Asian peanut dressing

I decided to go with the Asian Peanut Salad this time since I had so many issues trying the Kale & Beet Salad last time. Plus, the peanut dressing smelled delicious!

Poppy mixed the salad up for me and offered to add salt and pepper there at the counter in light of what happened last time. The salad smelled like it would be really flavorful even without the salt and pepper, so I decided to go without it. I thanked Poppy and headed over to choose a table.

Well, you’re not gonna believe this, but my darn lucky shoes turned out to not be so lucky after all, because I tripped on my shoelace as I was heading over to my table! The laces are really long and frayed and I’ve been meaning to replace them, but I didn’t want to mess up their luck. I hit the ground and feared the worst.

As I got up, somehow, I noticed Luca above me, smirking, with my salad in his hand.

“Ha! Good thing I was here. Luca’s lightning-fast reflexes save the day again!”

I thanked Luca sheepishly as he set my salad on a table and offered me a chair. Betrayed by my lucky shoes! Ugh.

I got seated and stabbed my fork into a particularly zesty clump of apples, peanuts and onions, and…

It was incredible! I had no idea food that wasn’t barbecue could be so tangy and full of flavor! I had finally done it! The sense of accomplishment was almost as satisfying as the salad itself, which has to be my favorite non-barbecue item I’ve tried at Odd Fodder. The apples, peanuts, and sesame seeds added a delightful crunch to the texture of the cabbage, and the mix of the cilantro and peanut sauce was savory and just the perfect, light amount of spicy. And did I mention it was tangy? Because it was.

After I finished my salad, I rushed over to Poppy and gave her a big hug for the great salad. She said she was happy I liked it and was proud that I was able to finally try it. It really was a great morning.

Well there you have it, there’s my story of the second time I tried Odd Fodder salad! It was better than I ever thought it could be, and I’d definitely recommend it if you’re looking for good Asian food or a healthy salad. Maybe I’ll have to do this again sometime. What do you think management should have me try next?

...Oh, by the way, Luca told me I had to tell you, but I got barbecue sauce on my shirt during lunch later that day. I’ll get through a whole day mess-free someday!