Pip's First Time Trying Odd Fodder Salad

Hey gang, Pip here! Odd Fodder management asked me to shake things up and try one of the salads at Fowl & Fodder and tell you about my experience eating something that isn’t barbecue! They said something about how they were losing money replacing my work shirts constantly, but who doesn’t truly enjoy barbecue without getting it all over yourself? But I digress. Today, I present the story of my first time trying Odd Fodder salad.

The day started out just as good as any other. I got into Odd Fodder at about 11, just before the lunch rush. I passed by the Electric Noodle Company and said hi to Arabelle, who grinned at me with a mouth full of noodles, which was gross but hilarious. Classic Arabelle. I arrived at Fowl & Fodder, and was then faced with my most difficult decision of the day: which salad do I choose?

Kale & Beet Salad

Roasted beets, feta, walnuts, and red onion on chopped kale, served with lemon vinaigrette dressing

Asian Peanut Salad

Carrots, apples, peanuts, peanuts, green onions, sesame seeds, and cilantro on cabbage, served with Asian peanut dressing

I’ll admit I was a bit confused at first. Fowl & Fodder seemed to serve food, but I didn’t see any meat in the ingredient list for either “salad”. To be frank, I wasn’t even clear on what a “salad” was until Poppy explained them to me. Luckily, she reassured me I could add almond chicken to any salad, which made me feel better about this experiment Odd Fodder was having me do.

I decided to go with the Kale & Beet Salad with almond chicken since kale seems to be trendy these days. Poppy whipped it right up for me, and I was to my table in a minute! She’s so quick with her butcher’s knife, it was cool to watch her chop up the kale and mix up the ingredients in my bowl in a flash.

Anyways, I got to my table and was about to dig into my salad before realizing it would probably be better with some salt and pepper. So I got up to get some, but as I did, my salad was pulled off the table and fell onto the floor! Turns out part of my jacket had gotten under it when I sat down. Silly me.

I went back to Fowl & Fodder to ask Poppy to make me another one, and she already had one waiting for me when I got there, as if she knew I was going to spill the original one...? Anyway, I grabbed my new salad, grabbed some salt and pepper, and went back to my table, carefully setting down my salad to ensure it wouldn't spill this time. Time to eat… again!

I salted and peppered the salad and tucked in my napkin, ready to dig in to this new culinary adventure. But as I went for my first bite, I dropped my fork on the floor! Oops. I leaned down and grabbed it, but bonked my head on the table and heard my bowl spill. I got up, and realized some of my salad had spilled off the table. I spotted a woman trying not to laugh at the table next to mine, and I noticed there are a few leaves of kale on my shoulders. I swept them off and got what was left of my salad upright and ready to eat. Finally, after all these mistakes, I was going to enjoy a food that isn’t barbecue. I stabbed my fork into a clump of kale, cheese, onions, and the juiciest beet I could find, drew it to my lips, and…

I sneezed. And not just any regular sneeze — no, it was a full-force, head-turning, holy Toledo LOUD sneeze that sent my salad flying. By the time my eyes reopened, my salad was all over the place, my fork was nowhere to be seen, and my shirt was covered in lemon vinaigrette dressing. I gave it a lick. Not quite as tasty as barbecue sauce, but at least it won’t stain my shirt permanently!

I… I’m afraid to say that was the end of the experiment for the day. I’ll try an Odd Fodder salad again someday, but management says that I’ll have to do it without pepper when I do. For what it’s worth, the Kale & Beet salad looked and smelled really good? And I can tell you firsthand that the dressing is tasty and comes out in the wash if you get some on yourself while you eat. How many other salad restaurants can say that? Come on out to Odd Fodder in Toledo for some of these tasty salads or for barbecue, the tastiest food on Earth! Pip out.