Luca’s Top Five Reasons Why Ladies Love Odd Fodder

What up fellas, it’s your guy Luca here to tell you where all of your girlfriends have gone, or more specifically, why all the Toledo ladies love eating at Odd Fodder. Editor’s Note: Odd Fodder management has asked that if Luca is going to spend so much time at work writing love notes to his biceps that he at least write something about Odd Fodder. I don’t know why you’re reading this instead of working out or taking your lady to Odd Fodder to eat, but since you’re here, let’s talk about some of the top reasons why Odd Fodder is just so great.

1. The Kebabs

Kebabs are the greatest food in the world. Seriously! Not just ‘cause I like them, either. Kebabs make your food easily portable… and shareable! If you’re at Odd Fodder with your lady and she isn’t embarrassingly crushing on me, you can both order a variety of kebabs and mix and match the meal as you like. If you’re careful, you can even do the whole “Lady And The Tramp” thing with a small skewer together. Isn’t that romantic? I’ll try to keep my biceps out of view so she can stay focused on you.

We have so many different kinds of kebabs, too! There’s Chicken and Shrimp Skewers, Artichoke Heart and Stuffed Pepperoncini Babs, and more! There’s something to satisfy every taste, so you can bring your date here even if you’re seein’ one of those vegetarian gals.

2. Handsome Staff

This might upset you pal, but I’m just trying to be honest — it’s hard to stay humble when girls from all over Toledo come into Odd Fodder every day just hoping to get a peek at my muscles. Sure they’ll say they’re here for the food, but they’re not fooling me, always asking me to point where the restrooms are just so they can see my muscles. It’s not easy having the biggest biceps in Ohio, really!

The rest of the staff is pretty friendly, too. Pip is hilarious, always cracking some crazy joke or trying to impress people with some stunt (it’s not effortless for everyone, unfortunately). Arabelle and Poppy are great and know their food, and even Terry Hawk isn’t as rough as he seems. People have fun here, ya’ know? It’s not just a gun show.

3. Healthy Food

You wanna stay fit and stand a chance at keeping your lady from running to me? Well, Odd Fodder’s food is a great place to start. We source all of our ingredients, all of our meats and dairy and stuff, from fresh, high-quality farms from around Toledo, so you know you’re getting the best stuff for your body. We have food for all diets — vegetarian and gluten-free options, protein-rich barbecue and other meaty meals, hearty noodle bowls, and kebabs, of course. Kebabs are honestly the secret behind my famous biceps, and the only reason I’m tellin’ you that is I know there’s no way you’ll best me. But you’ll be able to at least look respectable and stand a chance at keeping your girlfriend's interest by choosing the healthy meals here at Odd Fodder.

4. Variety Of Choices

Some people say variety is the spice of life. When the choice is between living like a modern-day Adonis every day of my life or not, I say no thanks to variety — but when the choice is between what to eat, variety is usually pretty good.

At Odd Fodder, we’ve got variety in spades. We pack four restaurants under one roof: my Babs, Arabelle’s Electric Noodle Company, Pip’s Pickett’s BBQ, and Poppy’s Fowl & Fodder. Each has its own unique menu filled with its own selection of tasty meals, from kebabs and barbecued meats to salads, mac & cheese, chicken & waffles and so much more. I bet it’d take you a month to try everything on every menu at Odd Fodder. Some people call us odd for cramming four restaurants under one roof, but we believe everyone should be able to find something they wanna eat. We’re like a breakfast restaurant crossed with a lunch and dinner place crossed with a noodles restaurant crossed with a barbecue restaurant crossed with a salad restaurant… you get the picture.

5. Family-Friendly Atmosphere

I know I’ve made a lot of cracks about how ladies love it here (and I’m not joking), but Odd Fodder is also a really great place for families. Our fun atmosphere and diverse menu make Odd Fodder a fun place for people of all ages to come eat, no matter the time of day. We’ve got plenty of meal options for the kids, too, and we’ll be sure to treat you right. You know what ladies love? A family man. What better way to treat the family or show a mature lady that you’re family material than with a fun night out at Toledo’s most family-friendly restaurant?

Well, there you have it, pal. If you’re wondering where your lady’s gone, now you know. Odd Fodder is becoming a favorite of ladies all over Toledo, and surprisingly, it’s not just because of my biceps. People are really diggin’ the diverse menu, fun staff, and great food! Get on down here and experience it for yourself — your lady’s probably going whether you like it or not, you might as well join her. See ya soon.