Luca's Three Favorite Workouts To Do At Odd Fodder

Hey there, ladies, it’s your favorite man Luca here with some tips on how to get fit so you can start Lookin’ Like Luca (trademark definitely pending). Granted, there’s not a man in Toledo who can possibly match the bulging beauty of my biceps, but all the healthy food options at Odd Fodder combined with these workout tips will get you on the right track to start impressin’ me. Who knows, maybe you start doin’ a couple of these routines while you’re here at Odd Fodder, maybe I take notice and you and I share a kebab for two and admire my biceps together. There’s only one way to find out: read on for my three favorite workouts to do while eating at Odd Fodder.

#1: Ramen Bowl Squats

This first exercise is a great way to build up core and lower-body strength while you enjoy some of the Electric Noodle Company’s tasty ramen. Order a big, fresh bowl of ramen and hold it in front of you while standing by your table. Then, while holding your ramen bowl, slowly lower your hips until the insides of your knees form a right angle. You should feel the burn in your lower body, not in your hands from the fresh ramen. If the weight’s too much, just eat some of the ramen. Slowly raise back into a standing position. I do like a hundred of these before I get tired, but you’re probably gonna wanna stick to 10 reps to start. For extra swagger, do this exercise in front of customers in line! Now you’re really Lookin’ Like Luca.

#2: Kebab Curls

I’m as generous as I am handsome, so I’ll admit that this workout is the key to my legendary biceps. Order a couple kebabs from Babs and ask them to put a whole mess of meat on ‘em. Arrange your kebabs into two bundles and don’t eat off ‘em just yet; the kebabs are gonna be your dumbbells for this exercise. Hold both of your kebab dumbbells (kebabbells?) down near your knees with your palms facing upward. Slowly raise your kebabbells up from your elbows until your biceps and triceps form a right angle, then lower back to your starting position. Start with 10 curls, 20 if you just can’t get me out of your mind. Add more kebabs if it gets too easy for you. Odd Fodder usually orders extra meat in advance when they know I’m comin’ in.

#3: Cheese Wheel Chest Press

This one’s as tasty as it is good for your upper body. Head up to the Odd Fodder counter and order two wheels of cheese and a long kebab skewer. Odd Fodder has a variety of artisan cheeses sourced from grass-fed cow farms from around Toledo, including Kokoborrego, Blue Jacket Dairy, Canal Junction Farmstead, and Turkeyfoot Creek Creamery, so you should be set. If the server looks confused, just tell them you’re trying to Look Like Luca. Anyway, once you’ve got your cheese wheels and kebab skewer, assemble your barbell by sticking a cheese wheel on each end of the skewer. Lay down with your back on your table or on the floor and your cheese barbell above your chest. Slowly push and raise the barbell straight up towards the ceiling until your arms are fully extended, then slowly lower back down to your starting position. Start with eight reps for this exercise, and add additional cheese wheels as you grow stronger. If you get stuck with your barbell on top of you, you can eat the weight off or ask a server to assist you.

Remember, don’t get discouraged if these exercises are difficult and you don’t see results right away. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and this perfect body of mine certainly wasn’t either. I only got this handsome and strong through repetition, perseverance, and eating all the awesome kebabs at Odd Fodder. I might not find you impressive today, but with hard work and healthy food, we can both find me impressive together someday. Come on down to Odd Fodder in downtown Toledo to start Lookin’ Like Luca today.