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Luca Introduces The New Twisty Dogs Menu

What’s up guys, it’s your favorite man Luca her with some big news — we’ve got a new restaurant here at Odd Fodder! That’s right, Twisty Dogs is a new hot dog and shakes joint that offers a variety of tasty dogs and delicious shakes to satisfy your sweet tooth.

But Luca, you’re probably asking, why are you repping this new restaurant? Are you leaving Babs? Nah ladies, your man Luca isn’t going anywhere. I guess they decided my biceps were too big for just one brand, so they gave me another! Anyways, back to the restaurant. One sentence isn’t enough to introduce a cool new joint like this, so kick back and let me run down all the dogs and desserts you can expect at Twisty Dogs. A hot dog blog from a hot dog. Heh. This place is about to be the hottest restaurant in Toledo. Here’s what you’ll be able to get at Twisty Dogs next time you come to Odd Fodder.


Plain Dog

Bam! The Plain Dog is your straightforward, classic hotdog. No toppings, no other stuff, just the delicious, meaty taste of hotd og with whatever condiments you want to put on it. Classic. The only way you could make it better is putting it on a kebab. Right? I pitched the idea to management, but they wouldn’t go for it.

Flamin’ Dog

Most of the people that come to Odd Fodder are hot for my biceps, but if it’s hot food you’re after, the Flamin’ Dog is the hotdog for you. This bad boy comes with a hot dog wrapped in bacon, topped with Flamin’ Hot Cheetos, a pickle, and ranch dressing. It’s a deliciously crunchy, spicy dog. Just don’t go trying to feel my muscles after you eat it, I don’t want that red Cheeto dust on me.

Sloppy Dog

This is the tastiest, messiest hotdog you’re ever gonna eat. The Sloppy Dog is exactly what it sounds like — sloppy joe meat, shredded cheddar cheese, and onions slopped onto a fresh Kosher hotdog for a delicious, messy meal. Just wait until Pip tries it, I’ll bet he gets covered in it from head to toe.

Reuben Dog

The Reuben Dog is another tasty sandwich crossed with a hot dog. With the Reuben Dog, your hot dog will be covered in sauerkraut, Swiss cheese, caraway seeds, and Thousand Island dressing. Tasty, tangy, and filling!

Pretzel Dog

The Pretzel Dog is definitely the twistiest dog you’ll find at Twisty Dog. This one’s as simple as it delicious — we slap a fresh, warm hotdog in a pretzel bun and pair it with cheese sauce for a meaty twist on the classic treat pretzel. Order a few online for the perfect game day snack!

Another sweet thing about Twisty Dogs is you can turn any of these hotdogs into a combo meal for less than $4 and get your choice of fountain drink and chips or an apple. This goes for any hot dog on the menu! Pretty sweet if you ask me. Speaking of sweetness, let’s talk about the shakes!


Sweet Talk

The Sweet Talk is the perfect shake for fruit lovers, or for lover lovers. I think I actually shared one with your lady the other day. My bad.

Anyway, the Sweet Talk is a strawberry milkshake that also includes chocolate sprinkles, Be My Valentine cake, chocolate covered strawberries, candy hearts, a Strawberry Shortcake ice cream bar, and whipped cream. It’s the ultimate sweet treat that’s hard to beat!

My Home Shake

The My Home Shake is perfect for those who love chocolate and peanut butter. It’s a buckeye-flavored milkshake with sprinkles, Maraschino cherries, buckeyes, a nutty bar, Nutter Butter cookies, and whipped cream on it. Whoa mama! It’s dang good.

Sugar Rush

Sweet tooths might go bankrupt at Odd Fodder now. This shake is the sugar lover’s dream. Seriously! It’s a vanilla milkshake covered in rainbow sprinkles, rice krispy treats, cupcakes, animal crackers, gum drops, and a lollipop, with whipped cream on top! It’s got enough sugar to save any diabetic. Editor’s Note: This has not been tested.

Classic Shake

Finally, if all those awesome shakes weren’t enough, you can have your choice of a classic vanilla, chocolate, or strawberry shake, topped with whipped cream, of course! And what’s better than a classic shake?

Anyway, that’s all the delicious stuff you can expect to get at Twisty Dogs! Come on down to Odd Fodder in Toledo and get yourself a tasty dog or sweet shake today! If you don’t know where we are, ask your lady! She, uh, probably already knows where we are, my guy. See ya soon! Me and my biceps look forward to serving you.