Arabelle's Top Five Reasons To Eat At Odd Fodder

Hi everybody! Arabelle here. I’ve been here at the Electric Noodle Company at Odd Fodder for so long, I remember when it was just the Acoustic Noodle Company! Ha, ha. Anyway, I’ve been around long enough to know that Odd Fodder is easily the best restaurant in Toledo, if not the entire world! And in case you didn’t know that, I want to share with you a couple of the many reasons why I love Odd Fodder so, so much.

Hearty, Healthy Ingredients

You are what you eat, or so the old saying goes, and at Odd Fodder, what you’ll find are healthy treats that are hard to beat! All of the foods we serve you are made from scratch every day. The juices? Freshly-squeezed. Our meats come from grass-fed cows. The milk and cheeses we use? Pasteurized from the same happy cows. All of our ingredients are sourced from local farms right here in Northwest Ohio that use only the most ethical practices. It can be hard to marry farm-to-table with fast-casual, but that’s why they call us Odd Fodder: it’s odd to get food so fresh, so fast.

Delicious Food

Thanks to the great work of our local farmers, we’re set up to succeed at bringing you the tastiest, most delicious food in the whole state! I mean, have you tried the ramen from Electric Noodle Company? Ha, ha.

But really, one thing I’m so proud of is that we have delicious options for all eaters, be they barbecue lovers, kebab crazy, nuts for noodles, voracious vegetarians or vegans, or just someone that loves a good breakfast! Check out our menu to get a taste of all that we can offer you at Odd Fodder.

Special Tasty Drinks

In addition to all the wonderful fresh-pressed juices we make, including Dirty Lemonade and the Stonefruit Haymaker, Odd Fodder also has a ton of unique beverages you won’t find in other restaurants. We’ve got organic hot and iced teas, local hot and cold brew coffee, and local kombucha tea from Boochy Mama!

Two Historic Locations

As if one home for great food and drink wasn’t enough, Odd Fodder has two homes to fit all our wonderful patrons in!

We have the original spot, the one that I started in, at 7408 Central Avenue. If you haven’t been, you totally should! It’s a secret little hot spot tucked in the strip mall where Luca, Pip, ol’ Terry Hawk and I all got our starts. It’s got all the charm and history of the old days while still maintaining that modern pizzaz that’s just wonderful.

Speaking of charm, our second home has it in spades! Our Downtown Toledo location at 614 Adams Street is inside one of the most historic places in the city, a 130-year old brick building that’s never had anything quite like Odd Fodder inside. Despite its age, there’s still something fresh and new cooking up in our kitchens every day.

A Fun Family Atmosphere

I’ll come clean —- I’ve been at Odd Fodder for longer than I’d like to admit, longer than anyone else (except Terry Hawk, who might be immortal). But you know what’s kept me here? It’s the feeling I get every time I walk through the door, a feeling of happiness, friendliness, and infectious, family friendly fun. Everyone at Odd Fodder, from my coworkers to our customers, know how to have a good time and enjoy getting to relax and distract themselves from daily life as they enjoy one of our uniquely delicious dishes. That’s what keeps me going, and what should bring you and your family in to share in this food, fun and camaraderie with us. Come by for a ramen bowl and a visit today! See you soon.