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Hey there, ladies, it’s your favorite man Luca here with some tips on how to get fit so you can start Lookin’ Like Luca (trademark definitely pending). Granted, there’s not a man in Toledo who can possibly match the bulging beauty of my biceps, but all the healthy food options at Odd Fodder combined with these workout tips will get you on the right track to start impressin’ me. Who knows, maybe you start doin’ a couple of these routines while you’re here at Odd Fodder, maybe I take notice and you and I share a kebab for two and admire my biceps together. There’s only one way to find out: read on for my three favorite workouts to do while eating at Odd Fodder.

#1: Ramen Bowl Squats

This first exercise is a great way to build up core and lower-body strength while you enjoy some of the Electric Noodle Company’s tasty ramen. Order a big, fresh bowl of ramen and hold it in front of you while standing by your table. Then, while holding your ramen bowl, slowly lower your hips until the insides of your knees form a right angle. You should feel the burn in...


Hi everybody! Arabelle here. I’ve been here at the Electric Noodle Company at Odd Fodder for so long, I remember when it was just the Acoustic Noodle Company! Ha, ha. Anyway, I’ve been around long enough to know that Odd Fodder is easily the best restaurant in Toledo, if not the entire world! And in case you didn’t know that, I want to share with you a couple of the many reasons why I love Odd Fodder so, so much.

Hearty, Healthy Ingredients

You are what you eat, or so the old saying goes, and at Odd Fodder, what you’ll find are healthy treats that are hard to beat! All of the foods we serve you are made from scratch every day. The juices? Freshly-squeezed. Our meats come from grass-fed cows. The milk and cheeses we use? Pasteurized from the same happy cows. All of our ingredients are sourced from local farms right here in Northwest Ohio that use only the most ethical practices. It can be hard to marry farm-to-table with fast-casual, but that’s why they call us Odd Fodder: it’s odd to get food so fresh, so fast.



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