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Hello, and welcome to the first ever Odd Fodder Faceoff, a debate column where we discuss the hottest topics in food. I’m Poppy, your host for today’s debate. I’m joined by Odd Fodder’s Twisty Dogs brand ambassador and *sigh* Sultan of Swole, Luca —

Luca: Hey there!

— and the brand ambassador for Pickett’s Backyard BBQ and Commissioner of Cool, Pip!

Pip: Hi gang!

Today, we’re going to be debating a topic I’m sure is close to each of your hearts, and that is: what is the best meat menu item at Odd Fodder?

L: Heh, that’s an easy one.


L: *flexes* Me, ladies!

Uh-huh. Okay, well aside from Luca, I guess, what’s the best meat menu item at Odd Fodder? Pip?

P: Ha, Luca, what about me? *flexes*

Pip —


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What’s up guys, it’s your favorite man Luca her with some big news — we’ve got a new restaurant here at Odd Fodder! That’s right, Twisty Dogs is a new hot dog and shakes joint that offers a variety of tasty dogs and delicious shakes to satisfy your sweet tooth.

But Luca, you’re probably asking, why are you repping this new restaurant? Are you leaving Babs? Nah ladies, your man Luca isn’t going anywhere. I guess they decided my biceps were too big for just one brand, so they gave me another! Anyways, back to the restaurant. One sentence isn’t enough to introduce a cool new joint like this, so kick back and let me run down all the dogs and desserts you can expect at Twisty Dogs. A hot dog blog from a hot dog. Heh. This place is about to be the hottest restaurant in Toledo. Here’s what you’ll be able to get at Twisty Dogs next time you come to Odd Fodder.


Plain Dog

Bam! The Plain Dog is your straightforward, classic hotdog. No toppings, no other stuff, just the delicious, meaty taste of hotd og with...

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Hey guys, Poppy, Odd Fodder’s resident foodie here! I had so much fun breaking down the Odd Fodder menu in my last blog that I wanted to revisit the menu to talk about my personal favorites. And I’m not just talking about chicken and waffles! There are a lot of great, diverse menu items here at Odd Fodder, and I wanted to share a bit more about what makes all the restaurants here at Odd Fodder, so special!

Some people may say we’re odd for putting four restaurants under one roof, but we believe in giving you all the options you could want come mealtime. This commitment to the power of choice is what makes us one of the most unique restaurants in Toledo. Check out my top 10 favorite menu items at Odd Fodder, and come in today to try them for yourself! If the cold of the Toledo winter is too much, you can always order Odd Fodder online. Read on for the best that our menus have to offer!

#10: Stuffed Pepperoncini Bab

Kicking off my top 10 is my favorite kebab at Babs, the Stuffed Pepperoncini Bab!...

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Alright, let’s get this over with. Hello, I’m Terry Hawk, an ambassador for Odd Fodder, the only place to eat in Toledo that combines four restaurants under one roof. If you like fresh food that is healthy and tasty, come eat at Odd Fodder — the food is fresh, tasty, and healthy. Okay! Management has asked me to share some healthy eating tips with you all in today’s blog. What a local restaurant is doing telling customers how to live their lives is beyond me, but perhaps you’ll find some of these tips useful when deciding what to eat, be it here at Odd Fodder or at home. You know you can order our food online, right? Read on for some healthy eating tips.

1. Focus on Fruits and Vegetables

First of all, if you’re trying to eat healthy, you should focus on eating a lot of fruit and vegetables. I recommend you consume at least five portions a day of the fruits and vegetables of your choice. Fresh food is best, but frozen, canned, and dried fruits and vegetables work just as well. Keep in mind that while...


Hey gang, Pip here again! Odd Fodder management asked me to shake up my usual barbecue routine and try one of the salads at Fowl & Fodder a few weeks ago. If you follow our blog regularly, you probably saw how my first time trying Odd Fodder salad went. I didn’t think management was going to make me write about my experience despite not actually getting a chance to eat the salad, but they said you guys see me as brave and that it would only add to my cool, tough-guy image… you can’t tell right now, but I’m blushing. You guys are sweet.

Anywho, my first try at having Fowl & Fodder salad got such a good response that management has asked me to take another crack at it. So today, I present the story of my second time trying Odd Fodder salad.

I woke up feeling just as great as the day before, but determined as ever. I made a fool of myself the last time I tried having Odd Fodder salad, and I wasn’t going to give Poppy something to tease me about for a whole week again. This time...

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Hi there guys, Poppy here, host of Fowl & Fodder and Odd Fodder’s #1 foodie! Today I’m going to review the entire Odd Fodder menu to give you an expert foodie’s deep-dive into all the wonderful things you can have to eat here. Some of the Odd Fodder hosts are partial to their own restaurants’ offerings, but I love trying new things! I always have a chef’s knife on hand to sample new foods, and I’ve been lucky to try just about everything at every restaurant in Odd Fodder! Some people may say we’re odd for it, but we’re proud to have four restaurants under one roof. That’s what makes us Toledo’s most unique restaurant! Check out my review of the Odd Fodder menu below, and come in today with your friends and family for breakfast, lunch, or dinner!

Fowl & Fodder

Saving the best for first! I may be biased, but I think Fowl & Fodder has some of Odd Fooder’s tastiest offerings, including the best food of all time: chicken & waffles....


What up fellas, it’s your guy Luca here to tell you where all of your girlfriends have gone, or more specifically, why all the Toledo ladies love eating at Odd Fodder. Editor’s Note: Odd Fodder management has asked that if Luca is going to spend so much time at work writing love notes to his biceps that he at least write something about Odd Fodder. I don’t know why you’re reading this instead of working out or taking your lady to Odd Fodder to eat, but since you’re here, let’s talk about some of the top reasons why Odd Fodder is just so great.

1. The Kebabs

Kebabs are the greatest food in the world. Seriously! Not just ‘cause I like them, either. Kebabs make your food easily portable… and shareable! If you’re at Odd Fodder with your lady and she isn’t embarrassingly crushing on me, you can both order a variety of kebabs and mix and match the meal as you like. If you’re careful, you can even do the whole “Lady And The Tramp” thing with a small skewer together. Isn’t that romantic? I’ll try to keep my biceps out of view...


Hey gang, Pip here! Odd Fodder management asked me to shake things up and try one of the salads at Fowl & Fodder and tell you about my experience eating something that isn’t barbecue! They said something about how they were losing money replacing my work shirts constantly, but who doesn’t truly enjoy barbecue without getting it all over yourself? But I digress. Today, I present the story of my first time trying Odd Fodder salad.

The day started out just as good as any other. I got into Odd Fodder at about 11, just before the lunch rush. I passed by the Electric Noodle Company and said hi to Arabelle, who grinned at me with a mouth full of noodles, which was gross but hilarious. Classic Arabelle. I arrived at Fowl & Fodder, and was then faced with my most difficult decision of the day: which salad do I choose?

Kale & Beet Salad



Hey there, ladies, it’s your favorite man Luca here with some tips on how to get fit so you can start Lookin’ Like Luca (trademark definitely pending). Granted, there’s not a man in Toledo who can possibly match the bulging beauty of my biceps, but all the healthy food options at Odd Fodder combined with these workout tips will get you on the right track to start impressin’ me. Who knows, maybe you start doin’ a couple of these routines while you’re here at Odd Fodder, maybe I take notice and you and I share a kebab for two and admire my biceps together. There’s only one way to find out: read on for my three favorite workouts to do while eating at Odd Fodder.

#1: Ramen Bowl Squats

This first exercise is a great way to build up core and lower-body strength while you enjoy some of the Electric Noodle Company’s tasty ramen. Order a big, fresh bowl of ramen and hold it in front of you while standing by your table. Then, while holding your ramen bowl, slowly lower your hips until the insides of your knees form a right angle. You should feel the burn in...


Hi everybody! Arabelle here. I’ve been here at the Electric Noodle Company at Odd Fodder for so long, I remember when it was just the Acoustic Noodle Company! Ha, ha. Anyway, I’ve been around long enough to know that Odd Fodder is easily the best restaurant in Toledo, if not the entire world! And in case you didn’t know that, I want to share with you a couple of the many reasons why I love Odd Fodder so, so much.

Hearty, Healthy Ingredients

You are what you eat, or so the old saying goes, and at Odd Fodder, what you’ll find are healthy treats that are hard to beat! All of the foods we serve you are made from scratch every day. The juices? Freshly-squeezed. Our meats come from grass-fed cows. The milk and cheeses we use? Pasteurized from the same happy cows. All of our ingredients are sourced from local farms right here in Northwest Ohio that use only the most ethical practices. It can be hard to marry farm-to-table with fast-casual, but that’s why they call us Odd Fodder: it’s odd to get food so fresh, so fast.