About Us

About Us

Call us weird (it’s what we’re used to hearing), but we kinda think eating out should be an experience. We dig on taking what is “an action deemed necessary for maintaining biological functions” (that would be eating) and turning it into a feast for the soul. We manage to do that at our restaurants by:

  • Creating a delectable menu of handcrafted goodies that everybody (even those self-proclaimed picky eaters) will enjoy. With four restaurants under one roof, it’s hard to not find something to satisfy everyone’s cravings.
  • Inviting you to indulge in your wild side. We’re not stuffy, we’re not uptight and we’re anything but boring. At Odd Fodder, we’re all having fun.
  • Encouraging experimentation. We’ve combined our award-winning restaurants into one dynamic concept because we want you to engage in a “culinary cross-pollination” of sorts. Mix it up, friend! Anyone who tells you ramen doesn’t pair with fried chicken can just stay home. You don’t need that negativity in your life.
  • Welcoming old friends and meeting new ones. Fair warning: you never know what brand ambassador may be lurking in our dining room and which ones just might find their way to your table. And don’t even get us started on the madness that is comedy night around here...

To be perfectly honest, because we designed Odd Fodder to be unlike any fast-casual restaurant experience, we’re not even sure where we’re headed. And we’re ridiculously excited about the possibilities. What do we know for sure? Your food will always be made with passion and care, featuring locally sourced, fresh ingredients. While we’re downright silly in just about every aspect of our lives, we are downright stringent about the quality of our food and we refuse to compromise on its taste or your satisfaction. So there. Fond out yourself by ordering Odd Fodder today!

Odd Fodder’s Brand Ambassadors

In truly odd fashion, our restaurants’ family includes a host of “mascots” that serves as a unique representation of each of our branded restaurants. They are an odd group, admittedly, but we think that they’ll soon become a staple of dining at Odd Fodder that you just won’t be satisfied without.

We think it’s time you met the family.

CTA 4.png


Maybe it’s his BBQ-stained fingertips, or the sauce stains on his shirt, but Pip just never really seems to fit in with the crowd — regardless of how hopelessly loveable he really is. Representing Pickett’s BBQ, he’s the goofball of the group.

CTA 1.png


Poppy, a self-proclaimed foodie who travels with her own chef knife ready to take down delicious eats. Her specialty is chicken & waffles, and she claims there is nothing that comes close to Odd Fodder. If she had a trophy for the number of chicken & waffles she's tried she'd have to buy a second home

new BABS.png


What can we say about Luca? You know that guy who actually kisses his own biceps and refers to them as the gun show? Yeah, Luca makes that guy look humble. When he’s not flexing, often with a juicy kebab in hand, he’s … well, he’s… honestly, we can’t say we haven’t seen when he’s not preening and posing. He’s a self-proclaimed ladies’ man who is surprisingly fun to be around.

CTA 2.png


If a personality could be labeled as “squirrel!” then Arabelle would wear that as a name tag. Perpetually distracted, everything has the possibility of fascinating Arabelle at any moment. Her being the brand ambassador of the Electric Noodle Company just seems to fit as she’s as dynamic and unique as their signature dishes.

CTA 1.png

Terry Hawk

Anyone who knows Terry knows he’s just a softie at heart. But he’s not gonna be the guy to tell you that. Truly the brains of the operation, Terry has been there and done that — and took down names in the process. He may be rough around the edges, but he’s our resident tough guy and we love him.